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Nursing Assistant Training Classes

We have one of the best and most economical

Nursing Assistant Education Program's around!

Rose Hill Healthcare Resources Training Institute is a unique learning facility that is owned and operated by Rose Hill Healthcare Resources.

The tuition for our Nursing Assistant Program includes a 168-hour course: 120-hour class instruction, 40-hour clinicals, 8 hour module, course materials, lite snacks and drinks.

We also offer CPR Training Courses. This course is not mandatory to take at Rose Hill Healthcare Resources. However, in order to be a Nursing Assistant in the State of Virginia, CPR certification is required.

CALL 571-931-0908 TODAY


Pre-requisites include:

1.) Healthcare Provider CPR from either the Red Cross, American Heart Association or the National Safety Council;

2.) PPD or Chest X-ray (PPD's can be administered on-site);

3.) A Background Check (which we can do for you).

 If you have any questions please call our office at (571) 931-0908 / Monday - Friday,

9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Please register as soon as possible.

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