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In Honor Of

Rosalie (Rose) Hill Holland

Rose Hill Healthcare Resources is proudly named by the company's owner,

Michelle Wimberly and her sisters in honor of their Mother,

Rosalie Hill Holland (Rose),

who was succumbed to cancer after a strong and courageous battle of ten years.

During her fight, the family hired caregivers to nurse their mother

and to supply support and comfort.

Creating this company is our way of giving back to others

while being able to make a difference in the lives of those in need

through a high standard of performance and compassionate care.

The purpose of this company is to honor our Mother and to give all the Glory to God.

Through our dedicated efforts and in honor of one of the greatest mother's to have ever lived,

we extend our sincere gratitude to a great Woman of God who has shown us

the importance on how to love, appreciate and care for others.

May we forever be a reflection and representation

of all the love you have given and sacrificed for us.

Loving You Forever Always,

Marguerite Miller, Michelle Wimberly, Maureen Palmer


Tiffani Davis (who will also live forever in our hearts)

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